69-year-old victim with disability sexually assaulted in shower, police say

TOMBALL, Texas -- A nursing assistant at a Tomball long-term care facility is being accused of sexually assaulting a patient who is partially paralyzed.

Police arrested Mark Countryman, 60, who worked at Lawrence Street Health Care Center.

According to police, the 69-year-old victim had previously suffered three strokes and is paralyzed on her left side. She is unable to move her left arm or leg without assistance.

The victim told police that on Jan. 17, Countryman told her he had been dreaming about her being a good kisser, and said it was time for her shower.

The victim says she always cleans her "private parts" without any assistance and nurses help her with the rest of her body. According to court documents, Countryman was assisting her in the shower when he violated her with his fingers. Countryman also reportedly grabbed her breast, causing her pain. The victim says Countryman then touched himself for a few minutes.

The woman says Countryman tried to force her to touch him, and when she refused, he reportedly told her not to tell anyone because she could get in trouble.

Police say that Countryman admitted to dreaming about the victim and asking her if she wanted to kiss him. According to authorities, Countryman said it was possible he had inserted his fingers into her during the shower because she is a "bigger girl" and he had to "get up in there."

Countryman has been charged with aggravated sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person.
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