EXCLUSIVE: Merced mother with rare pregnancy condition delivers baby and survives

The mother had a 13% chance of suriving.

Merced mother with rare pregnancy condition delivers baby and survives
A young Merced woman with a rare pregnancy condition, giving her a 13-percent chance of surviving childbirth, has delivered her baby.
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Monday, January 15, 2024

MERCED, Calif. (KFSN) -- A few weeks ago, there was an 87 percent chance that Gracie Sigarroa of Merced would not be here today.

Near the end of 2023, she was diagnosed with Placenta Percreta -- a rare condition in which the placenta protrudes from the uterus. In her case, it is attached to the bladder.

"I honestly am just shocked that I'm alive," Gracie Sigarroa said.

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When she started hemorrhaging Tuesday night, her team of doctors at Stanford Medical Center assembled and began the operation, which was extensive.

"I lost 7 liters of blood. It took about nine hours. Literally, every bit of blood in my body was replaced," Gracie Sigarroa said. "They removed my cervix, uterus, Fallopian tubes, some of my bladder."

She's been left with a very large incision and a whole lot of pain.

But she says she'd endure it again to see her new baby girl, Evangeline, which means "good news."

"Two pounds, 10 ounces, 14 inches long. So she's a real tiny little girl," father Seth Sigarroa said.

A tiny miracle, Evangeline Sigarroa was born at 28 weeks at 2 pounds, 10 ounces and 14 inches long.
Courtesy of Gracie and Seth Sigarroa

A tiny miracle, born at 28 weeks. Evangeline will have to stay in the hospital for a few months. Gracie should be able to go home to her two sons within the next week.

"I told her earlier that every time I see her, I get this feeling of relief. I'm just really happy that she's still here with us and that our daughter is going to be okay," Seth Sigarroa said.

In December, Gracie told us she had one wish.

"I just want to be able to come home from the hospital and be good for my husband and kids," Gracie Sigarroa said.

Now, that wish appears to be coming true.

"The nurses are really shocked too with my recovery progress," Gracie Sigarroa said.

And while it's a long road to recovery, this family is focusing on the positives and feeling grateful for their "Good News."

"I honestly am just shocked that I'm alive."
Gracie Sigarroa

Seth Sigarroa is in his final months at the Fresno Police Academy.

Seth appreciates all the support his family has received through this difficult experience and sent Action News this statement:

"Family is not only who you were born to, but the people who you meet throughout your life who truly love, care, and support you. Without the love, care, and support from; friends, the Merced American Legion, Social Workers at Stanford, everyone in class 173 and 174, our instructors, RTOs, and Coordinators of the FCC Police Academy. Along with the City of Merced Police Department with their Patrol Officers, Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and even the Chief himself this would have been an even more challenging and stressful ordeal. You are all family. Thank you to all who have stepped up and reached out to help us through this time."

The family still needs help getting back on their feet as Gracie faces a difficult recovery.

If you'd like to help them, Sigarroa has created a GoFundMe page.

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