Million-dollar bail won't be lowered for driver in DUI crash that killed 8-year-old

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bail will not be reduced for a man officers say was traveling at around 100 miles an hour when he struck a Reedley family and killed an 8-year-old.

Karmjit Singh remains in custody with bail over a million dollars.

His attorney asked for it to be lowered when the DA dropped the murder count earlier this week.

The judge said it's his opinion that based on the circumstances he's heard, the bail is fitting. The judge also pointed out an immigration hold and said he could be a flight risk.

The decision prompted tears of relief from the little boy's family. But the defense attorney said it's harsh and grossly unfair. He called the current bail excessive, especially since the murder charge was replaced by vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence.

8-year-old Maverick Martzen died when investigators say Singh ran a stop sign.

Singh's attorney said his client had a full-time job at a Visalia mini-mart at the time of the deadly crash- and could never meet the current bail. In addition - he feels it doesn't fit the charges.

Maverick's mother, Megan, issued a statement saying in part, "We were not happy about the murder charge being dropped. However, under the law, this is what the DA can charge him with. The DA cannot charge him for something he cannot prove under the law."

The defense isn't sure yet whether they will appeal the decision or just move forward to a preliminary hearing.

The maximum sentence Singh could face is six years in prison. The Martzen family feels that sentence is far too lenient.
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