Murdered for Millions: 30 years after the Ewell family murders

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On April 19, 1992, the Ewell family was found gunned down in their affluent Fresno, California home. What was thought to be a burglary gone wrong, quickly grew into a game of cat and mouse.

Dana Ewell, the youngest to Dale and Glee and brother to Tiffany was the only surviving member of the Ewell family. Obsessed with money and posing as a wealthy, self-made entrepreneur, he wanted more.

Manipulating his college friend Joel Radovcich, they conspired to kill Dana's family and inherit the Ewell family wealth, only to find out after the murder, the family's fortune was locked away in a trust fund, not accessible until Dana's 30s. In March of 1995, Joel and Dana were arrested for the murder of the Ewell family and sentenced to life in prison.

Murdered for Millions, a unique documentary relives the case 30 years later through the eyes of Corin Hoggard, an investigative reporter for ABC Owned KFSN-TV in Fresno, CA. Join Corin as he explores Dana's new found religious faith, those who brought him to justice and the connection that leads to the question, can Dana be redeemed?

Murdered for Millions debuts May 23, 2022 and is produced by ABC30 and ABC Localish Studios.
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