Burglars are caught on camera stealing Christmas gifts from Fresno home

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A heartbroken family is scrambling to find gifts Saturday after their Christmas is ruined by thieves.

The Northwest Fresno resident said the burglars went to their home and stole presents meant for their young daughters on Thursday at around noon, taking off with Christmas presents and home accessories.

And it was all caught on a surveillance camera that was mounted above the garage.

"The video feed shows about five minutes," homeowner Greg Sanmiguel said.

That was the amount of time it took two thieves to back into his driveway, get out of the SUV and break into their home filled with Christmas gifts for two little girls.

Sanmiguel says the suspects made entry by going through his garage.

"They just tried to pry it open, and you can see where if you get under here," he said, pointing to the location. "You can lift it enough if you really wanted to."

The female and male burglars were quick and wasted no time loading the presents into the back of their car before taking off.

"Just feel violated that someone could come in your personal space in the middle of the day," Sanmiguel said.

One of the gifts stolen was this $200 Barbie Dreamhouse for Sammiguel's daughters.

"I was just heartbroken because this is what she had her heart set on for a long time," he explained. "She's been telling us for months that she wants Santa to bring her a dreamhouse."

Worried their Christmas would be ruined, Sanmiguel started scanning through Craigslist because local stores were sold out of it. After hours of no luck, he finally found one in Sacramento.

"My cousin lives in Sacramento, so he went and got it for me," he said.

Now that Christmas has been saved, Sanmiguel wants the thieves caught. And although California Highway Patrol officers found the burglars' SUV abandoned in a canal Saturday in Southwest Fresno without gifts, the search for the two Christmas bandits is still on.

"I just want these bad people off the streets so they won't do this to another family or another child and take their gifts," Sanmiguel said.
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