Dogs that mauled a 3-day-old girl in Fresno euthanized

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Update: Since this story has aired the two male dogs taken into custody by the CCSPCA for mauling a three-day-old baby girl on Monday were euthanized on June 29th.


Fresno Police continue to investigate the tragic case of a three-day-old baby girl who was mauled to death by dogs in the home.

The animals are currently quarantined at the Central California SPCA, and authorities are still deciding what should be done about them.
They've scheduled a meeting on Wednesday to figure out the next step, which might be euthanasia.

Fresno Police anticipate that no charges will be filed against the mother of the 3-day-old baby who was killed by two dogs at the home.

The Shar Pei pit bull mixes were taken into custody at the SPCA and quarantined there while officers investigated the newborn's tragic death.

"It's definitely heart-wrenching to see a 3-day-old baby had been killed by this dog," humane officer Justin Trinidad said. "It's one of our worst incidents in the last decade."

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said just after midnight on Monday that the mother of the 3-day old baby girl placed her on a chair while she went to the bathroom.

"Prior to doing so had placed her child on a recliner-type couch, placed pillows around the baby so that the baby wouldn't fall off," he explained.
Dyer says the mother also had propped the front door open to let some air in the house, not knowing that one of the family's two dogs, that has a history of being vicious, was not chained up.

"And while she was in the bathroom the dog came through the door, grabbed the infant and took that baby outside," Dyer said.

Dyer says at that point the baby's uncle came home and discovered the dogs attacking the newborn.

"When she came out the child was gone and, in fact, when she was in the bathroom she heard her brother outside yelling and screaming because he had come home from the store and found the child outside," Dyer said.

One neighbor who did not want to be identified says the dogs have lived at the home for more than a decade and would sometimes be seen loose walking around the area.

"The dogs, when they're inside the gate, they're very vicious but when they come outside they know not to attack anyone," the neighbor said.
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