Murder suspect shot by Fresno police had long history of violence against women

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two deaths in one apartment -- a Fresno woman was killed by her ex-boyfriend -- a man with a history of violence against women, who was eventually shot and killed by police.

Cindy Raygoza, 45, was the victim of domestic violence.

Friends and neighbors have set up a memorial to Raygoza at the doorstep of her home. A couple of them came to the scene Monday, trying to stop the violence. They were too late for Raygoza, but they did whisk a young child away before she met her violent end.

Raygoza's face is bright with the light of the candles honoring her in death. Police say an ex-boyfriend named Mike Reams killed the 45-year-old just as they arrived to a 911 call. That call came from Miguel Jacuinde, a neighbor who saw a little boy alone outside the apartment, then heard the sounds of violence.

"(The boy) had went in, he was out here crying, he went in and they shoved him outside and closed the door so I knew something was going on, something was wrong," Jacuinde said.

Reams has a history of violence against women dating back to 1990 when he was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon against the mother of his son. He wrote a letter to a judge after his release admitting to violating his probation because he felt "too much pressure" to complete his anger management classes.

In 2001, he was convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. And the next year, he assaulted another woman with a deadly weapon. In another letter to a judge, he apologized for bad behavior in court, but he was eventually sentenced to 12 years and eight months in prison. He met Raygoza after his release and the cycle was again set in motion.

Jacuinde's call was too late for Raygoza, and it led to a final confrontation between Reams and the police.

"We tried the best we could do," Jacuinde said. "I mean it's pretty heartbreaking what happened to her. They knocked on the door, banged on the door a few times. The man refused to open the door. At that time, he had mentioned something about it was too late for the cops to go in and they kicked the door down and pretty much from there what I heard was the gunshots when they gunned him down."

Raygoza's family tells Action News Reams had been stalking her and harassing her for several months and she called the cops a couple times. But he was arrested just once, and prosecutors never filed charges against him.

The family has set up a memorial fund.

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