Incredible gift: How a Valley man's sacrifice saved the life of his coworker

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two longtime coworkers who share a job title now share a more special bond.

Phillip Sonoqui of Visalia says he's the healthiest he's ever been thanks to Mark Morris, who gave him his kidney.

Both the men work at Southern California Edison as district managers at separate offices, but they've known each other for decades.

Last year, Sonoqui says his health declined fast and he was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure.

"About a year ago I was put on dialysis. It's a way to keep you alive, but you're not really living," says Sonoqui.

Thinking of Sonoqui's 9-year-old daughter, Morris says he didn't hesitate to help.

He was tested and later determined to be a match.

In June, Morris became a living donor to Phillip at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco.

"I have more energy, more vitality in life. It's a great feeling," says Sonoqui.

Morris doesn't consider himself a hero, but the Sonoqui family can't thank him enough.

Phillip's oldest daughter wrote Morris this letter, thanking him for the gift of life and for giving her father more time with her 9-year-old sister.

"I want to be here for her graduation and hopefully longer than that - her wedding and stuff. I'm forever grateful," says Sonoqui.

Sonoqui and Morris have since recovered and are returning to their job.

Sonoqui hopes to now take his 9-year-old daughter to Walt Disney World when the pandemic winds down.
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