Police explain link between Highway 145 shootings and suspect's gun

FRESNO, Calif. -- Jorge Gracia sat in a Fresno County courtroom Tuesday showing little emotion but paying close attention.

He faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon stemming back from shootings that happened between November and December of 2017.

In court, the prosecutor called up a detective with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

We were not allowed to identify him, but he recounted the steps he took during his investigation, as well as interviewing Gracia. "I initially asked Mr. Gracia if he understood and new anything about ballistics. We then tried to explain to him how ballistics work, how they are unique like a figure print. Then I told him, and at the time I had the reports with me, and my statement to Mr. Gracia was that the gun we recovered in his vehicle that was in his position matched five bullets recovered from victims of these shooting incidents."

Gracia's attorney, Robert Winne, says the prosecutor might be able to prove it was the same gun, but he says that simply is not enough to prove Gracia was the shooter.

"They are trying to prove that gun was involved in five different incidents and they may be able to do that, but the question is who fire the gun and it's yet to be seen if they have any evidence at all, direct evidence as to that issue."

Gracia is expected back in court next week.