City of Visalia's new logo receives mixed feedback from community

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Saturday, May 11, 2024
City of Visalia's new logo draws mixed feedback from community
The City of Visalia is working on rebranding and released a new logo this week.

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- The City of Visalia is working on rebranding and released a new logo this week.

The city says the new look is intended to mark a new beginning while honoring the past.

However, some community members say it is just too simple and they prefer the old one.

"We are called the 'Gateway to the Sequoias.' We have a history, a long-term history since the 1800s. That logo had all of Visalia's resources in it. It told a story, and it was voted on 20 years ago by the people," said Efrain Becerra, who has lived in Visalia for 15 years.

The total price tag for the rebrand was $150,000.

Half of that money was used for the new logo, or a brand portfolio. That included interviews with locals and feedback.

The other half includes a recruitment and hiring portfolio, which is an effort to get more employers and employees in the city.

"Places in general are having issues with, you know, finding labor. And this was part of that rebranding. Right it was. It was helping make Visalia a little more attractive, so that we can find good, good people that want to come and work here," explained Visalia City councilmember Emmanuel Soto.

Visalia is only getting bigger, currently ranking as California's 40th largest city.

The new look is also set to honor Visalia's 150th year anniversary.

But the old logo's won't be replaced until they are worn out, which could take years.

The city says they've had many private supporters, but hear the concerns of the community.

"At the end of the day we work for the people, and if the people come and let us know how they feel. And we think it's something that we need to change. Then it's something that we can always go back and look at. That's never not a possibility. It's just making sure folks come and reach out to us," Emmanuel explained.

Any changes would depend on a vote by the Visalia City Council.

People can make their voices heard at the next city council meeting on May 20th.

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