'Que Paso Camaron?' partners with El Toro Loco to give back

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a new Mexican restaurant in Fresno, and the owners are partnering with a local grocery store to keep giving back to the surrounding community.

Action News stopped by to see how "Que Paso Camaron" is earning praise for its food and for lending a helping hand.

Mireya Ramirez and her husband, Miguel Castro are the new owners of "Que Paso Camaron?" The restaurant recently opened inside the popular El Toro Loco Supermarket at Shields and West Avenue in West Central Fresno.

"We love to cook and we love to take care of the people, so basically that's what we are doing," said Mireya Ramirez, Co-owner of Que Paso Camaron? Restaurant.

Every Saturday and Sunday, the couple takes fresh cooked meals into the streets to help where they can.

"Right now we have food to offer to the people, so we do it," explained Ramirez.

"When we were struggling, we had a lot of people that helped us, so this is just to give back," added Ramirez.

Their efforts are a collaboration with the supermarket, which also finds other ways to give.

"We provide financial donations to two of the schools, Homan Elementary and Roeding Elementary School. We also donate some food to surrounding churches," explained Don Rotella, Public Relations Director of El Toro Loco Supermarket.

The supermarket says the response the community has had to the new restaurant owners has been transformational, and both businesses are seeing a big boost.

"It's really improved since the pandemic. The shelves are filled, a lot more customers are coming and realizing the food is really tasty," added Rotella.

"When my husband gets home or my daughter gets home, we always say, 'Que Paso Camaron,' as a saludo," explained Ramirez.

The name stuck, and now the owners hope the success for their restaurant and the supermarket will too.

For more information on how to help "Que Paso Camaron?" Restaurant and El Toro Loco give back to the community, you can visit El Toro Loco Fresno | Facebook and @quepaso.camaron_ Instagram photos and videos
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