Sanger Unified one step closer to getting its very own agricultural complex

The facility comes with a price tag of $7 million.
SANGER, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Sanger Unified School District is one step closer to its very own agricultural complex.

The Fairmont Ag Complex will be the first of its kind! Not only will it provide space for the 800 students of Fairmont Elementary, once it's completed, it will be utilized by all 8,000 students of Sanger Unified.

It's been five years since Fairmont Elementary first decided to build an ag building of its own.

"It started out like 'We're going to put a little area in the back with some planter boxes, maybe a couple animals'," explained Ag Science Teacher Christine Torosian-Klistoff, "But then it got a little bigger."

Plans quickly grew into building an ag complex for the whole district.

"It's going to include plant science, animal science and technology," said Principal Jared Savage, "Which is going to blow the doors off what's possible with kids' learning experiences."

The complex will be built on two acres of land adjacent to the school and house classrooms and lab space.

"Picture on a daily basis, hundreds of kids going through an agricultural complex which focuses on automation, robotics, streamlining systems with drones, thermal imaging," added Savage.

"We'd use it for competitions, robotic competitions, we're building a ring for students in 4-H, a show ring for them to use," added Torosian-Kristoff.

The facility comes with a price tag of $7 million, which has not been easy to raise. A recent million dollar donation finally gave the district the funds it needed to get started.

"We can make a curriculum that all schools can use because they have to teach science anyway," said Torosian-Klistoff, "So why not add that Ag lens to it? Also why not open doors to an ag career?"

Administrators have broken the project up into phases, just raising enough money for phase 1. Now they're setting their sites on the next step. They plan to start construction next summer with completion by Fall of 2022.

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