From leotards to face masks, Clovis company manufactures new product

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sewing machines are whirring inside Snowflake Designs, as masks are created.

The Clovis business saw its gymnastics apparel focused company change overnight due to the shelter-in-place.

"We laid everybody off because at that point we were considered non-essential nobody needs leotards because they're not an essential item to live. When we started making the masks, it made us into an essential business, and so at this point, I've been able to bring back half of my staff," said owner LaDonna Snow.

Snow owned the company for 35 years. She's sold her leotards around the country.

Now her crew is making three sizes of face masks to protect people during the pandemic.

"Ours are double-layered, the outside is typically nylon Lycra and Inside layer, which is a poli-lycra moisture wicking fabric and we now have a fabric that is antimicrobial, which is coated with silverdern which helps us stay a little, but safer. They have a pocket in them so you can put another filter in them," Snow said.

They've made masks for the city of Clovis, those in law enforcement, the fire department, as well those in the community.

They have found creative ways to use fabric to make masks.

"They're not plain at all. Our larges are plain/solid colors. But our mediums and smalls are you see all the fabric we have available to us, so we're trying to make them fun," Snow said

The cost is $8 a mask.

Snow says she's been humbled by the outpouring of support and humbled by orders.

"If you're local, you have the option of checking local pick up. You pay for it online, we don't touch your money or credit card, and when it's ready we'll give you a call and you come in here and pick it up at our table," Snow said.

While their business model has changed, Snow says she looks forward to serving her gymnastics community and new customers in the future.

To date, Snowflake Designs has made thousands of these face masks. They hope to protect people in the Valley and beyond.
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