Fresno State winery participates in Wine and Chocolate Lovers Weekend

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno State was feeling the love on Valentine's Day.

The university has its own winery, which took part in the annual Wine and Chocolate Lovers Weekend. Visitors could stop by any of the 14 participating wineries and breweries to try samples over the past two days.

Members of the Fresno State Gibson Farm Market say it's a great way to show people all they have to offer. "It also gives us a chance to sample some of our products out like our chocolates," Miles Robinson with the market said. "We are pushing our red wine truffles so it gives people a chance to taste those as well as some of our other products."

If you missed this weekend's event, it's not too late to stop by the Fresno State Gibson Farm Market to try other items. The students say they have a lot of citrus right now, and of course you can find their famous corn this summer.
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