Valley Oak SPCA in Tulare County at full capacity, how you can help

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- At the no-kill Valley Oak SPCA in Tulare County, about 150 animals are being taken care of, not including several in foster homes.

"When our kennels are full, we cannot help our animal control facilities and that is one of the hardest things," says Co-Executive Director Keyana Miller.

Miller says although adoptions are happening, they are at a much slower rate, which is why they've been at max capacity consistently for about a year.

"We do our best and make sure our kennels are always full," she said. "It's not just us -- the whole West Coast, our partner rescues, their adoptions are going really slow as well."

For perspective, in 2019, from January until the end of May, about 663 adoptions took place.

So far this year, only 285 adoptions have taken place.

"Those numbers have hit us so hard," Miller said. "The impact of adoptions not happening means we can't save lives."

The Valley Oak SPCA Clinic is also hurting. Their only veterinarian only works three days a week and the search for another doctor has been ongoing for months.

Marie Alfano says it's a position several clinics are struggling to fill across the West Coast.

"When we don't have a vet that can oversee everything, we are at a halt, we cannot help and it's heartbreaking because that is the whole reason we are here," she said.

If you are interested in volunteering or adopting at the center, you must make an appointment, which Miller says makes the entire experience way more successful.

"We now want to take the time to really combine the perfect home for people which reduces our return date," she said.
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