Innovation helps STEM learning center reach students and stay in business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lessons from chemistry to coding have gone online through InnovEd, a private science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, learning center in Northeast Fresno.

"There's a silver lining to everything. So I think we are learning better ways of utilizing technology for a variety of ways, including instruction that's effective and hands-on," said Dr. Ellie Honardoost, InnovEd Founder and CEO.

She says the shelter in place has caused her to innovate to keep the learning center in business and to educate young minds.

Twelve-year-old Yousef Rahman did his own chemistry experiment with baking soda and vinegar.

"We learned how solid liquid and gas react in chemical reactions, how it produces carbon dioxide, which escaped into some bubbles," said Rahman.

Virtual lessons are helping some to be more creative.

"I like that I still get to see my friends and other people I know on the online classes and that I still like that I get to build, said student Asha Hebert.

InnovEd teaches kids ages four and up.

Honardoost is passionate about education. She suggests for those doing their own homeschooling that two to three solid hours of quality instruction a day is plenty.

"I would encourage to take this opportunity to find out what your child is interested in. Start that way by engaging them. You are not trying to recreate school at home, you're trying to give them opportunities to learn and grow," Dr. Honardoost said.

InnovEd classes begin at around $145 and come with materials that can also be delivered. Instructors are working on a summer lineup.

They're also training Fresno County tutors on new ways to reach our students.

The online lessons have been so beneficial to students, InnovEd plans to hold online courses in the future, even after the shelter in place has lifted.
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