10 reputed Bonanno crime family members arrested for alleged loansharking operation in New York City

HOWARD BEACH, Queens -- Ten reputed Bonanno crime family members and associates were busted for an alleged loansharking operation Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors will be looking to seize at least four of their homes as part of the case.

Ronald Giallanzo, 46, who is an acting capo and the nephew of longtime reputed mobster, Vincent Asaro, was arrested along with nine others in the case.

Here's a list of names of those arrested:
- RONALD GIALLANZO, Age: 46, Queens, NY
- MICHAEL PADAVONA, Age: 48, Queens, NY
- MICHAEL PALMACCIO, Age: 45, Queens, NY
- NICHOLAS FESTA, Age: 36, Oceanside, NY
- EVAN GREENBERG, Age: 45, Queens, NY
- RICHARD HECK, Age: 45, Queens, NY
- MICHAEL HINTZE, Age: 53, Queens, NY
- ROBERT PISANI, Age: 44, Queens, NY
- ROBERT TANICO, Age: 49, Queens, NY

Here are photos contained with the court filing:

They were expected to appear in federal court in Downtown Brooklyn later Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors will attempt to foreclose on four homes owned by the suspects, including Giallanzo's 3,500-square foot, multi-million dollar house on 86th Street in Howard Beach, Queens.

Here's an excerpt from the court filing:

"Giallanzo has earned millions of dollars through his illicit activities. All the while, Giallanzo and his wife Elizabeth have reported little to the Internal Revenue Service. Indeed, based on records provided by the Social Security Administration, between 2005 and 2016, Giallanzo and his wife together reported a total of approximately $305,000 in income (approximately $25,000 per year). Notwithstanding, they were able to purchase their home for $1 million without any mortgage, and they have made significant improvements to the property." (see the before/after photos from a renovation project in the gallery above)

According to prosecutors, the house served as a "daily visual reminder to those in his neighborhood of his wealth and power."

In all, federal prosecutors they will be seeking $26 million in forfeitures.

Investigators conducted a series of undercover surveillance operations and wiretaps. As a result of the investigation, the Bonanno family soldiers and associates have been charged with racketeering and all of the other crimes that go along with it.

Asaro was just arrested last week after a jury cleared him on charges he masterminded the notorious 1978 Lufthansa heist at Kennedy Airport, made famous in the movie "Goodfellas." He was arrested, along with the grandson of John Gotti and others.
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