Madera Acres residents say rail construction is causing road problems

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Many residents in Madera Acres say construction from High Speed Rail (HSR) is causing them major headaches on the road.

"You're trying to get into work and you can't get out," said Gaylen Thelander. "And just with one entrance and exit to this neighborhood it just is not working, just not working

Thelander is a resident and business owner in the community. He says the project, which has closed Road 27 for over a year, has increased traffic in neighborhoods.

That is why Thelander and close to 50 people attended a town hall meeting at Berenda Elementary School; it was where officials from HSR and Madera County addressed concerns.

One of the issues raised was the relocation of waterlines. Toni Tinoco, HSR public information officer, says they are working to ensure that process goes smoothly.

"We want to make sure there is minimal interruption, no interruption if we can so that is our job to coordinate with Madera Valley Water," Tinoco said. "And it is really about getting everyone in the middle that benefits our project but more importantly the community.

HSR said there have been unexpected setbacks with utilities and permits.

As the project continues, board of supervisor David Rogers knows there will likely be more concerns. He is encouraging residents to contact local officials for help with resolving any issues that may come up.

"I'll get more attention than the average person," said District 2 Supervisor David Rogers. I can squeal on their behalf, I can scream and stomp on their behalf and hopefully get some results.

In the meantime, HSR says it will be working with its engineers and team members to come up with solutions for the traffic problems residents are facing.
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