What possible vaccination requirement for indoor restaurants, venues would mean for Central CA

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- During the pandemic, Crunch Fitness in Clovis opened up an outdoor space so people could continue to work out.

But the prospect of having members required to show they are fully vaccinated before they can come in and exercise troubles club management.

"Logistically, I'm really not really sure how that would work," says Carly Hodson. "I guess they would be coming in with their card. I truly don't believe that will pass in legislation."

Hodson is the vice president of Crunch Fitness of both Fresno and San Diego.

She says she understands the public needs to be protected but hopes that particular restriction doesn't make it into a bill which is introduced at the state capitol.

"I noticed it's in the very early stages, so I do believe that businesses, they will push back," she said.

Restaurant owners say they've been devastated over the past 18 months and believe proof of vaccine requirement would lead to confrontations.

Buffy Wicks of Oakland is one of the assembly members working on the proposal.

Her office says the language of the document is evolving and significant changes will be made before a decision is made on whether to move the proposed bill forward.

Hodson hopes the proof of vaccine requirement is eliminated.

"Time will tell," she said.
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