Valley AC company's air filtration system rising in popularity

Thursday, July 23, 2020
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Valley Air Conditioning and Repair is installing a double duty air filtration system that kills many colds and viruses.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As more businesses work to keep their employees healthy during the pandemic, a local air conditioning company is installing a double duty air filtration system that kills many colds and viruses.

It's also currently undergoing testing to see if it also kills COVID-19.

The systems attach to air conditioning units and have become so popular they are currently out of stock.

At Dumont Printing in Downtown Fresno, employees are busy making the Central Valley safer by creating face shields and clear partitions.

So keeping employees healthy and able to continue production has been a top priority for the company.

"My hopes are even going forward after we get out of this coronavirus, hopefully it will help the common cold, hopefully it will help keep my employees from passing things back and forth," said Susan Moore of Dumont Printing.

With below average air quality in the Central Valley, plenty of pollen and dust to go around and now the coronavirus, Moore wanted workers to have an environment that limits their chances of getting sick while they are at work.

"We ordered seven of them and have them installed on every air handler inside our office for the recirculation of air," she said.

Employees at Valley Air Conditioning and Repair installed the system that uses a carbon filter to first trap particulates, and then a UV light to kill any contaminants left behind.

"That filter has proven to be over 98% effective as compared to your standard filtration system which is roughly 70%, said Simon DeLaCerda of VAR.

Since the coronavirus crisis started, more schools, businesses, medical offices, and homeowners have been investing in the purifying systems more than ever before.

This demo model shows how the air cleaning system works.

"The carbon filter attracts all the material to it and the UV light destroys it unlike your traditional filter which simply traps it and doesn't destroy it," said DeLaCerda.

The price range is $900 to $1,000 per filter. The UV light needs to be replaced every two years and the carbon filter has a lifetime warranty.

Already, 300 carbon air purifiers have been installed by Valley air across the Central Valley. And its popularity throughout the US has prompted a back order that's currently six to eight weeks.