Valley events go on despite triple-digit temperatures

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- People came out to Granite Park as temperatures sky rocketed in the Central Valley.

Not event triple-digit heat could keep the public from the return of country music festival Boots in the Park.

"It is going to be the time of our lives, so that is why we are here," says Kirsten Haupt.

Attendees took cover from the blistering sun where they could.

Some were fortunate enough to find shelter under a tent, while others resorted to the shade of fences and food trucks.

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Others were unfazed as they embraced the heat and sung along with performers.

"Stay, hydrated, find shade and just don't pass out," says Kimberly Bryant.

The intense heat meant a busy day for American Ambulance.

Paramedics were on standby at the Boots in the Park and officials say they responded to several calls there.
Paramedic Tiffany Rangel says when temperatures rise above 100 degrees, they tend to get more 911 calls.

"Afternoon is a peak time for us during the heat because that is when we are at the peak of our heat," she said. "That is also when people have been out in it for hours."

With the heatwave sticking around and another large-scale event planned this weekend, Rangel is encouraging people to stay hydrated and drink in moderation.

"Alcohol is dehydrating, so obviously if you are drinking alcohol, you need to keep that in mind," she said. "Alcohol and heat don't mix, as much as everybody likes a cold drink."

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Her recommendation is people pre-hydrate. This means people should drink enough water the day before an event leading up the event.

Event organizers estimate about 7,500 attended Boots in the Park.
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