Vitamin IV infusion aims to boost immunity, energy

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new wellness craze has some rolling up their sleeves for a boost of nutrients.

It's called a vitamin IV infusion. Think of it as creating the perfect vitamin cocktail by blending different nutrients your body may be low on.

"We have Vitamin C, we have vitamin B12, or the B complex vitamins," said Dr. Uma Rao, with Modern Aesthetics in Fresno. "We even put things in there like glutathione, which is a very potent antioxidant."

Dr. Rao and her team aim to help patients feel their best.

"We have made sure that we talk to the person," she said. "We ask what it is that they're feeling, what they need, and then we make up their particular IV infusion."

If you're feeling drained, or if you want to boost your immune system -- they have something for you.

"In fact, we have patients who will do it before some kind of hospital procedure just so that their immune system is beefed up," explained Dr. Rao.

Maybe you're an athlete preparing to play in a game. According to Dr. Rao, a vitamin infusion will help.

"So with IV infusions, it's just very quick," she said. "You get it through your veins."

Dr. Rao has been offering infusions for a while now, but since the pandemic, there's been more of a demand with people looking for ways to protect themselves or recover from an illness.

"After COVID, a lot of people have low energy, they just can't seem to bounce back, and so this is great," Dr. Rao said.

The IV drip can take up to an hour, but Dr. Rao said you'll immediately feel a difference in your energy, and it can last a few weeks, depending on the person.

She added that it's safe, and it's an easy way to improve your overall wellness.

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