Some Valley schools forced to cancel classes amid snowy conditions

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A fresh dusting of snow gave Oakhurst that holiday feel.

But the storm also disrupted school schedules in districts serving the area.

Yosemite High School and the Bass Lake School District canceled classes because of difficult road conditions and the weather.

"There was a little mishap up on Deadwood," says Yosemite Unified Superintendent Glen Billington. "We decided to call it and make it a snow day today. We just didn't feel it was safe to have our kids out on the roads and our buses out on the roads."

Families were quick to get the snowball fights going, but snow days aren't very common in Yosemite Unified.

Billington says the district only averages one a year.

"To top it off, it's finals week at Yosemite High School, so there may have been some prayers answered," he said.

Students get an extra day to study for their make-up exams this week.

Several cars were left temporarily stuck on the scenic but slushy roads.

It's a good reminder to carry chains if you're headed into the higher elevations.

"Some people can do it themselves, some people think they can and they create more problems than if they would have let us do it," says tire chain installer Lionel Smiley.

Falling snow serves as both an inconvenience and an essential part of the community since it gives tourism a boost and gives us all a break from the drought conditions.

"We know snow in the mountains means filled reservoirs for all kinds of uses, so we're excited to see the rain and the snow," Billington said.

When it snows in the higher elevations, many of the younger kids assume it is a snow day. Districts remind parents even when weather delays are in place, the kids still need to come to school.
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