Valley drivers slipped and slide through the rain causing a lot of work for law enforcement

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After months of dust and heat the sound of refreshment returned to the Valley.

"I think it's always exciting when it rains here, because it so rarely happens," said Hunter Pellegrini, Fresno driver.

From the North Valley to the south thirsty fields eagerly soaked up the moisture. But on the roads the water was less welcome.

"I like the rain, but I don't like driving in it, it's a little terrifying, but I try to keep safe," said Kirsten Haupt, Fresno.

As storm clouds moved in, dispatch centers became overwhelmed with calls. By late afternoon in Visalia, every single CHP officer was assigned to a traffic accident.

"We try to do as much as we can proactive, but all too often we are responding call to call, just trying to keep our head above water," said Chris Webber, CHP Officer.

In Fresno, Highway 99 often slowed to a standstill. First, there was a rollover and as darkness fell, more multi-car accidents clogged up the freeway. Most people lucky enough to walk away unharmed or with minor cuts and bruises.

"Generally, it's minor fender benders and solo spin out type of collision, but once in a while you'll have a high profile injury related crash," said Webber.

Officers said those minor accidents are more likely to happen during this weekend.

As the first rain washes away oil and grease built-up over the summer. For these drivers it means slowing down, and making sure they drive undistracted.

"I just always try to keep a car's distance in front of me, in case I get rear ended, I don't want to hit the car in front of me," said Haupt.

Officers said drivers should also watch out for fog and to make sure they don't speed and also use low beams.
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