President and First Family touches down in Yosemite, but not all got to see him

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK (KFSN) -- President Obama and his family are spending Friday night in Yosemite National Park after arriving to crowds of people on the valley floor and at Castle Airport in Atwater.

A lot of people got to see the President and the First Family arriving at the park, but not everyone got a chance to see the historic visit.

Donna Pierce traveled all the way from Turlock to Yosemite National Park Friday in hopes of seeing the first family arrive.

"I just admire him and his family so very much."

So she waited, and waited, in the lawn, filling out postcards to her friends outside the Big Trees Hotel where she booked a room. All because Pierce was told the President might land across the street on this golf course.

"I just want to be in a place where he is."

But the first family never landed where Pierce sat for more than six hours. They instead landed in a meadow on the valley floor about an hour away from where hundreds of people were standing.

Dakota Snider was in front of the large crowd and captured on camera the Obamas exiting Marine One.

"To see him step out and start waving at us, like, what a cool moment. Life highlight for sure."

And it was an incredible experience for forest Ranger Sabrina Diaz. She got to shake the President's hand as he was walking in.

"Everyone was under the assumption that he was gonna go right to his vehicle and the family as well, but um, just blew us all away by coming over and shaking our hands. And what just and incredible honor."

Though Pierce didn't get to see Mr. Obama wave at the crowds, she's glad she was somewhat a part of it.

"If I just get to breathe the air he breaths and be under the sky he's under-- that's enough for me"

And that's exactly what she did-- while sitting next to a camera she never got to use.

President Obama will spend all of Father's Day weekend at Yosemite National Park. And he is expected to speak here Saturday around 11:00 a.m.
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