Fresno Police gang crackdown busts prostitution ring, dozens arrested

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police officers teamed up with FBI agents and countless other law enforcement agencies to take down members of the Bulldog gang who are the most violent, influential and active.

The wake-up call came before dawn Thursday for dozens of Bulldog gang members.

"These gang members, without a doubt, are animals," Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said. "And in my opinion, they are the scum of the earth."

Over 300 Officers took part in Operation Alpha Dog, and it centered in Fresno where the Bulldog gang was born 20 years ago and continues to thrive.

For the past several weeks, five Bulldog gang members were on wiretaps. They had no idea a third person was listening to their phone calls and seeing their text messages. Officers heard about crimes committed, and those still in the planning phase.

The vast majority of those communications involve discussions or information on criminal activity. These individuals were involved in a significant amount of criminal activity every single day of the week.

Investigators learned more about what these gang members were trafficking. Everything from young women, to drugs and guns.

"The firearms that some of the defendants are alleged to have sold include a fully-automatic machine gun, multiple pistols with obliterated serial numbers, a rifle with no serial number, also known as a ghost gun, meaning that it can't be traced at all," attorney Phillip Talbert said.

Investigators also broke up a commercial prostitution operation, where young women were taken from their families and lured into a life as a sex slave and then taken on circuits from city to city.

"Gangs have gone from stealing cars and selling drugs to stealing our children," said Lisa Smittcamp, Fresno County's District Attorney. "They are stealing our children as young as 12 and 13 years old. They are taking them from malls and schools."

Officers discovered during the investigation, pimps would give the women cocaine every weekend, so they could work nonstop. They especially catered to cities like Orange County where prices are higher. In one weekend, one girl would earn up to $10,000.

Detectives say the Bulldog Criminal Enterprise is operating in cities all over the United States. But with 32 high-ranking members now under arrest, it's getting weaker.
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