144th Fighter Wing under scrutiny for alleged sexual misconduct, cover-up

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Air National Guard's 144th Fighter Wing in Fresno is under scrutiny following a disparaging report in the Los Angeles Times detailing sexual misconduct and an alleged cover-up.

The article details an incident back in 2015 where Staff Sergeant Jennifer Pineda found that someone had urinated on her boots in the woman's bathroom.

The defiling of her boots has led to allegations that high-ranking officers in the Air National Guard tried to cover up the incident, by destroying evidence that could have identified the suspect through DNA.

The report also included that a male pilot was retaliated against for showing support in finding the perpetrator.

According to the LA Times, The U.S. Air Force Inspector General is now handling the investigation and the 144th has yet to comment on the article.
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