Fresno Man's Murder Caught On Tape

Fresno The murders all happened in the last two years.

The most recent last May, when a 22 year old man went into a store to buy milk for his two year old daughter.

Cameras were rolling as he was gunned down in the store's parking lot.

Fresno Police are hoping video from a store's surveillance cameras will lead them to the people who shot and killed 22 year old Danny Estrada.

The video shows Estrada walking into the store to buy milk.

"This is our victim, like to know who he is."

The video also shows the confrontation that led to his death.

Estrada's family members saw the video for the first time Monday, as Fresno Police appealed for the public's help.

Christina Mora, Victim's Sister: "It opens up that pain again but we know that Danny wasn't doing anything. You can see he wasn't doing anything, he was just putting his milk away."

The Carold Sund Carrington Foundation is offering a $5,000 dollar reward in the Estrada case.

Five thousand dollars in the murder investigation of Toua Her, and ten thousand dollars in the murders of 19 year old Fang Vang and 18 year old Elbert Lee.

Fresno police say Lee and Vang were shot more than 50 times, in what appears to be a case of mistaken identity.

Jany Lee, Victim's Sister: "There's no words that can describe what we've been through and the pain that we're still facing and that we'll face in the future."

Police say they're hoping the rewards will lead to information that could lead to arrests and bring justice to four grieving families.

Chief Jerry Dyer: "I want to see nothing more than to see these individuals responsible for these murders to be removed from our streets not only to bring justice to these families but also to prevent another senseless act on our streets."

Fresno Police say some suspects have been identified in the Toua Her homicide, but they need more information in order to make arrests.

It's important to note the Estrada murder happened in a busy parking lot, in the middle of the afternoon, so police and family members are hopeful someone saw something.

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