Tulare's House of Heroes

Tulare, CA Trishun Jackson, an injured Tulare Police officer, says "I love the community and that just goes to show that even when tragedy struck home they were still here for me."

In January 2005, Corporal Trishun Jackson and Officer Jeremy Jones were on patrol in Earlimart. They were shot by gang members Jeffrey and Jesse Barbosa during a traffic stop. Jackson was hit in the shoulder. Jeremy Jones was shot in the head and lost his left eye. Jackson remembers all the extra things her family had to pay for while she was recovering.

"They had to buy clothes when they got here, food, and the hotel room's different expenses. And they stayed here, they ended up living here for a month," says Trishun Jackson.

The goal of this brand new "Hero House" is to take care of those types of expenses that workers compensation often doesn't cover.

Craig Vejvoda, Mayor of Tulare, says, "Hopefully we'll get a good price for this house. The money will go into what's called our "Heroes Fund." Hopefully, we won't have to use that fund.

The money will be for officers, firefighters and other city workers in Tulare who get injured on the job.

The city hopes a family will soon move in and make this space their home, knowing all the money that paid for the house will help the community they live in and the officers who protect them. The home took six months to build and has all new appliances. Martinho Construction workers say they took extra pride in building the house.

Brian Martinho, President of Martinho Contruction says, "Especially for us, for my company, we're excited. We've been long time Tulare residents and to know it's going to the city, to the staff and to the people that need it."

Trishun Jackson says her arm is getting stronger every day. She recently retired from the Tulare Police department. Jeremy Jones is still on patrol in Tulare, but will soon move on to work for the Tulare County Sheriff's Department. City leaders hope the "Hero House" sells soon, so if one of their own gets hurt again they're prepared.

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