Cal-Fire Captains Family Responds to Child Porn Charges

Exeter, CA Ed Jones' case has rocked the heart of this small town, where Jones was an active member in local activities. He was a CAL-FIRE Captain, mentored CAL-FIRE Explorers, and was even a substitute teacher from the time to time. But his family says the people hurting the most are his wife and two children.

Gloria and David Stutsman say their son-in-law's recent arrest for downloading child pornography has devastated their family. Gloria talked to him Monday morning and said he was crying and apologizing. Gloria Stutsman says, "He was sorry. He's always been so nice in our family and been a part of it for 23 years. He keeps saying he's sorry he's done this to us."

Ed Jones was arrested last week after investigators received an anonymous tip to check out his personal laptop. A federal complaint says more than 100 pictures and three videos of child pornography were found on his computer. Some of the images showed girls as young as five years old in sexual acts. His family is questioning why their loved one would look at child pornography.

His father-in-law, David Stutsman, says, "I just don't understand it. It's just beyond my understanding. It totally surprises me.'

The complaint also says Ed Jones was a coach with a city-run swimming club. The Stutsmans say Jones was actually an administrator. Jones' mother-in-law, Gloria Stutsman, says "He announces the events of the swim meets over a loud speaker and that's all he does. He doesn't touch anyone. He's not a coach. He's the president of the board."

While Jones sits in house arrest, his family hopes the charges aren't true but admit he must pay the consequences if he's convicted. It's a type of heartbreak their family never dreamed they'd be dealing with.

David Stutsman says, "I have not talked to him. I'm afraid I'd be angry with him and I don't think I could do any good." Gloria Stutsman says, "It's an illness and he's looking for therapy. He admits he's got a problem and he needs therapy

Ed Jones will be back in a federal courtroom this Friday. He'll either be indicted by a grand jury or undergo a hearing to see if he will stand trial to the charges.

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