Healthy Fair Food?

Big Fresno Fair, CA, USA You see people running around here with torpedo-sized corndogs. Sometimes the healthier dishes like salads and teriyaki bowls can go over-looked.

Kids tend to stick with their time-tested favorites ... ice-cream and pizza. Aside from the deep-fried chocolate dogs on a stick you can have a healthier meal.

"So two veggies, no cheese, sauce on the side."

A chicken gyro with no tomato was Susan Aguilar's choice.

Susan Aguilar said, "I'm trying to go the healthier route, exactly. But there are definitely a lot of choices that were kind of hard to pass up."

Your basic baked potato is even a hit with the little ones. Thumbs up!!

Damien Cortez of the Spud Shack said, "Baked potato is really healthy. It comes with broccoli, mushrooms, sour cream, butter, some other stuff. Also, we got a sweet potato too."

Let the others wolf down taco salads and banana splits ... but it looks so good.

Sandi Bliss of "The Sleek Greek" said, "We have salads. This is our Greek salad so lettuce, tomatoes, onion, a good sauce, feta cheese, olives. We serve it with warm bread and the two doamtes, which are stuffed grape leaves."

Some food booths have been designated as heart-healthy ... where you can enjoy some juice or get a fruit cup full of watermelon, cantaloupe and pineapple. Corn on the cob is always a fair favorite.

Ramiro Burciaga said, "It's sweet and it's home-grown, sometimes right here in the valley. That's why we come over here for. And its healthier choice. It's a healthier choice that's true too."

Carlos Cofares of Big Bubba's Bad BBQ said, "We got the corn we got the beans we got the cole slaw. For people who don't like red meat we have the chicken."

And the grilled shish-kabob is something Wes Watson can't do without.

Wes Watson said, "I'm hitting fifty next February so you gotta stay away from the fried foods actually. And the beer just evens it out right? Well you gotta have at least one. heheheh."

So many healthy choices but sometimes the fried frog legs win out in the end.

It's interesting the valley's finest produce is on display at the fair to be judged. But for the most part people don't come here to eat fresh fruit or vegetables.


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