Mother of Dead 2-Yr Old Demands Answers

Fresno, CA, USA Mai Lee has spent the past two years trying to make it as a single mother. She was at work last Thursday when her two year old was critically hurt. The circumstances are making the loss even more difficult to come to terms with.

Mai Lee is holding tight the few pictures she has of her daughter, Jennifer Yang. She still hasn't come to accept her baby's death.

"Sometimes I still feel she's here, sometimes I still call her name," said Mai Lee.

The two year old died after she was seriously injured in a Clovis apartment while in the care of two teenage boys. The child's mother was at work and did not know her adult babysitter left the kids with someone else.

"I am mad, I am heartbroken, to see the fact that they are getting away and that my child is gone," said Mai Lee.

Action News spoke to the 13 year old being questioned for the toddler's death. He told us the injuries were an accident ... But Lee says her daughter's death was no mistake.

"That I truly don't believe because if it was an accident my child's head would not be split open so for him to say it was an accident is wrong," said Mai Lee.

Lee says her older daughter witnessed the incident and told her the suspect hit her toddler once then put her in a chair and hit her again. The second time her head collided with the back of the chair. Clovis police are still investigating the death. They expect criminal charges to be filed in the case.

The child's mother says she is confident police will get to the bottom of what happened that night.

She says she had to take out a loan to pay for funeral expenses.


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