Fresno Gay-Rights Activist Robin McGehee Arrested at the White House

FRESNO, Calif. Photos were taken in front of the White House Thursday, where Fresno gay-rights activist Robin McGehee was arrested for protesting the current "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

McGehee was taken into custody after she helped chain two soldiers to the White House gates -- and then had a brief exchange with Secret Service Agents.

"I kept yelling you know, I should not have to do this. I should be at home with my kids watching them grow up," said McGehee.

McGehee's arrest comes on the same day the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing about potentially repealing the military's policy.

She spent six hours in jail, and was released after paying a $35.00 fine.

McGehee said, "I will never be able to top that action. But I do believe that I won't stop and I will organize more events that may lead to future arrests."

Close to 3,000 miles away -- a handful of people held a demonstration in support of McGehee at the Federal Courthouse in Downtown Fresno.

Anthony Dietrich claims he was disbanded from the Army after revealing he was gay. He says McGehee's actions are necessary for change.

"Basically, that's what it's come down to get the attention needed for the lawmakers to take action," said Dietrich.

Action McGehee says she'll keep fighting for, "It's sad that I have to take those actions and just by being American citizen I'm not granted those same rights because of the person I was born to be."

McGehee was in Washington DC with a new gay-rights organization she just started called ""

She plans to fly back to Fresno sometime next week. In the meantime, she has other demonstrations planned back east.

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