Woodlake boy rescued from chimney talks to Action News


Matthew McCammon spent more than an hour and a half wedged between the bricks and soot before firefighters could free him. The boy went to the hospital, but the frightening ordeal didn't keep him from going to school.

Matthew McCammon's family forgot the key to the Woodlake home they were moving into. Matthew figured he could go in through the chimney. Bad decision -- he ended up being stuck for about two hours.

Matthew McCammon's now known all over Woodlake Valley Middle School as the kid who got stuck in a chimney.

Home video and pictures shot by Robert Robinson of Exeter captured the dramatic rescue by Woodlake Fire Fighters. Crews used an air chisel to bust a hole in the back of the chimney to free the red-haired McCammon.

Matthew's stepdad Roger Philpot warned him not to go down the chimney. Matthew's mom Chrissy Philpot was grateful to the rescue crew because she feared the worst. "He was hollering. Mama please help me. I'm scared and crying."

Matthew's right elbow, shoulders and knees are a bit sore. After being checked by a doctor Monday night, the sixth grader said he didn't want to miss the first day of middle school.

Matthew's mom says she couldn't really scold her son for going down the chimney because she was just happy to see he was okay.

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