Juvenile stabbed to death in Central Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members say Nicholas Quiroz stumbled home after he was stabbed and was able to talk with family members before he lost consciousness.

The stabbing happened in the area of McKenzie and Fourth Street. Fresno Police homicide investigators have been at the house all morning collecting clues.

At the end of the street where 15-year-old Nicholas Quiroz died, family members remembered his great dancing skills and love of hip hop music. But that was before his aunt says he got involved in a group she warned him about constantly.

Marie Sustaita said, "He just ended up with the wrong crowd. The wrong people. And that's what happens when you run with the wrong kids. And he was trying to change his life and go to church and do right but the streets got him before he could."

Family members say the victim was able to share with them some information about what happened before he lost consciousness. Officers are looking to loved ones to find out not only what he said, but also more about his lifestyle.

Fresno Police Lieutenant, Mark Salazar said, "That's one of the first things we do is interview family, just to get an idea of the victim's profile as far as what they're into, who they are hanging out with, any recent problems with anyone, and go from there."

When he was younger, family members say Nicholas loved to play football and enjoyed sports, but those interests faded once he started hanging out with some neighborhood troublemakers.

Sustaita said, "It was probably tagging. I guess he was out tagging around this neighborhood and I don't know whose neighborhood it belongs to which I don't think it belongs to anybody and I guess maybe they retaliated against him."

So far, police are getting little cooperation from any witnesses. At this point, they don't know if there are one or more suspects responsible for the murder.

Salazar said, "Now we're knocking on doors, we're looking at all the taggers in that area. Hopefully someone comes forward with some information."

Family members hope their tragedy will remind other teenagers about the dangers of tagging and gangs.

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