Lowe's to close in Los Banos


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The Lowe's home improvement store located on Freeway 152 near I Street in Los Banos will be closing in a few weeks. Lowes announced that it will close 20 of its under-performing stores across the country -- laying off almost two-thousand people.

The closure of the Los Banos location will leave 100 people without jobs. Workers there were notified Sunday night about the company's decision.

Many of the employees who helped build-up the store five years ago were upset with the move. "I put my heart and soul into the company until I can get everything. I thought thy were going to give us a chance and say let's just take away commission or anything like that -- but it didn't work out that way," said Lowes employee Richard Limon.

The last day of work will be November 13th. Employees will receive pay and benefits for 60 days after each store closes. The City of Los Banos says they will work with local businesses to find employment for those laid off.

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