Canadian sisters suffer gruesome death in Thai hotel room

Passport photos of Noemi and Audrey Belanger, who where found dead at the Phi Phi Palm Residence Hotel, are shown. (Courtesy Royal Thai Police)

June 19, 2012 12:34:47 AM PDT
Two Canadian sisters were found dead in their hotel room on a popular tourist island in Thailand and the cause of their mysterious deaths is unknown.

The womens' bodies were found in gruesome conditions, reportedly with large quantities of vomit and skin lesions, authorities said.

Noemi Belanger, 25, and Audrey Belanger, 20, of Quebec, were found dead in their room at the Phi Phi Palm Residence Hotel on the Phi Phi Island in the Krabi province on Friday.

Thai newspapers have reported that eating blowfish or poisonous mushrooms could have caused the deaths, but police say the cause of death is still unknown.