Krista Pike's family demands justice

MADERA, Calif.

While two suspects were arrested following the murder, the case has yet to go to trial.

Krista Pike, 18, was found dead in her fiancées Madera home in 2008.

Investigators say then 16-year-old Brittany Navarra manipulated her boyfriend Dustin Gran to kill Krista over a jealous love triangle.

On Wednesday, supporters of Krista marched with signs and t-shirts bearing her image. The 18-year-old still on the minds of those waiting for justice.

"It seems like hers has just been pushed under the rug, been forgotten," said Brandy Crossetti, Krista's friend.

Friends and family members rallied just across the Madera County courthouse where suspect's Brittany Navarra and her boyfriend Dustin Gran were first charged with murder back in 2008.

"The bottom line, we would like the case to be taken away from Madera County. It's been happening for 5 and a half years, and it's one thing after the other," said Stacie Pike, Krista's mom.

Krista Pike's mother said she's fed up with the drawn out judicial process and just wants to get closure. But the many twists and turns in the case have made that impossible.

First, the case was moved to Stanislaus County after a judge determined both defendants could not get a fair trial in Madera due to extensive media coverage.

Then last week, a judge ruled that the prosecutor committed misconduct in handling the case -- further delaying the start of a trial.

"That is unacceptable, that is beyond what is even reasonable in this case," said Monrae English.

English is the victim advocate attorney for the Pike family. She says they want the state to step in and move their case forward.

"One of the considerations would be the attorney general's office. Another consideration would be a separate district attorney at the office or maybe a change into the Modesto area," said English.

A delay is likely with any one of those decisions. Still, the family says they're holding on to hope.

"We want an opportunity for our family to grow and blossom and to move forward and it's not possible with us standing by and going month after month, and year after year waiting for a jury trial," said Krista's father, Russel Pike.

Action News reached out to the Madera County district attorney's office but could not get a comment because of a court-issued gag order in place.

The next court date is set for May 17th, where the judge will decide how to move forward with the case.

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