Visalia spikes in building permits

FRESNO, Calif.

In Visalia there will be a new medical office building and Kaweah Delta Urgent Care Facility. The project is one of many that's boosting building permit numbers in Visalia.

From brand new houses to a large new industrial business new construction is up in the city of Visalia. The total value of all building permits filed has gone from roughly $41 million to more than $61 million when compared to the building permits filed sofar this year to permits in 2012.

" It's clearly a very positive sign that the economy is starting to turn," said Visalia City Manager Steve Salomon.

During the recession Visalia City Officials tried to revitalize their own economy by lowering building fees and smoothing the process for getting a building permit. The fees have since come back up. Visalia City Manager said what might have helped boost the city's growth even more is their changing of certain zones along Mooney Boulevard. This has helped business like BevMo! Who would have normally not been able to set up shop in their current location.

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