Clovis Marjaree Mason Center opens new house

CLOVIS, Calif.

The new safe haven was created for women and children looking to escape domestic abuse. After years of planning and construction, the Marjaree Mason Center finally opened its Clovis shelter.

" Domestic violence really does happen everywhere, it doesn't discriminate unfortunately. So even Clovis is not immune to domestic violence," said Pam Kallsen, Marjaree Mason Center Executive Director.

According to the Clovis Police Department, from January to July of 2013, there were 39 reports of domestic violence and 13 arrests. Last year for the same time period, there were 51 calls and 16 arrest.

"I hope this home raises the awareness within the Clovis community that domestic violence is not okay," said Kallsen.

The 4,000 square foot house can accommodate up to seven families with spaces to eat, sleep and play. The house became a home thanks to the work of several local organizations and businesses. They say they wanted to create a welcoming environment during a difficult time.

From donated beds to art, volunteers touched literally every room. Granville homes built the house. The facility also serves as an around the clock center for victims to stop by, seek shelter or get educational training.

"When I think about the Marjaree Mason Center, the chance for our community to provide for place for women children in what has to be their darkest hour as they are experiencing domestic violence," said Lynne Ashbeck the Clovis Mayor. "For us to be able to provide a safe haven for them is really one that we do with great gratitude and great responsibility."

If you need help you can call the Marjaree Mason Center. The 24-hour crisis hotline is 559-233-help.

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