Brothers accused of running insurance fraud ring admit to crimes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Two Fresno men accused of running an insurance fraud ring have admitted to their crimes.

In a 2015 investigation, Action News revealed a scheme that could drive up your car insurance rates.

We found vehicles reportedly involved in several collisions that occurred within a few months, sometimes even while the vehicles were supposed to be in a repair shop from prior accidents.

State insurance investigators say at least 18 crashes and more than 30 insurance claims, totaling more than $125,000, are connected to the same two brothers, who denied committing the crimes.

Last week, a judge sentenced Artur Grigoryan to two years in jail and two years on supervised release after he admitted to six counts of making false or fraudulent insurance claims.

His brother, Hakob Grigoryan, admitted to two counts of making false or fraudulent claims and was sentenced to probation.
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