Business is starting to return to Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- There's a resurgence happening in Downtown Fresno.

Business owners are joining forces to keep the area alive at night and on the weekends by making it a focal point for art and entertainment.

"All the events we do and that downtown is doing, it definitely helps other businesses as well," said Raul De Alba, the owner of Los Panchos Restaurant.

De Alba has been apart of the Downtown business community for the better part of three decades

His family restaurant is attracting new visitors these days with its popular "Margaritas and Masterpieces" events.

People pay about $30 bucks to paint and socialize in the evening once or twice a month

"They have a great time painting, they have a cultural theme, they have margaritas, they can drink, they can have food, they have a blast, and they have a great time," says De Alba.

A number of these type of events are sprinkled in throughout the Downtown scene.

The monthly ArtHop reception gives visitors a chance to enjoy Fresno's vibrant artistic community.

While the Meux Home Museum is seeing a boost in business by now offering regular wine tastings.

"As we see events like this continue to build, now Downtown is an acceptable option, in three to five years Downtown Fresno is going to look completely different," said Mark Standriff with the City of Fresno.

A new sports franchise has already made a huge impact on the area's transformation.

"Now that we have a professional soccer team, that draws crowds to the downtown area," says De Alba.

Fresno Football Club has linked up with nearby Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company for all pre- and post-match celebrations, giving fans a destination on where to spend their money on gamedays.

"You're talking 10,000 folks Downtown, with a lot of energy a lot of buzz, a family-friendly environment, so that's what Fresno Fc has been working on, making sure that atmosphere is always present," said Jordan Wiebe, the Marketing Director for Fresno FC.
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