Firework booths use different methods to protect product overnight

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Firework sales are in full swing throughout the Valley, but as transactions pause overnight, organizations must move the merchandise out of their booths, and into secure locations.

"They have to have them in a locked container, or they have to put them in a trailer and transport them to a secure facility," Visalia Fire Marshal Kurtis Brown said. "That's part of the permitting process they have to work with the city of Visalia (and) tell us where they're located. So if there were a fire in one of those locations, our fire crews would know where the hazards are."

Securing the fireworks also reduces the risk of theft.

Thieves broke into the Visalia Breakfast Lions Club container a few years ago, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.

The organization then chose to place overnight guards outside.

Club member Brad Baxter says they aren't doing that this year, but they do have a new container and park a truck up against its doors.

"It only sits by itself ten hours because we close up around nine, we're here at seven to unpack it," he said.

The process takes time, but Baxter says it's also a good way to track inventory.

Across town, Visalia Living Fellowship Church takes a different approach to protect their product.

They load the fireworks into a trailer and transport it to a property in the county.

Even though they're safe and sane, fire officials say the fireworks can't be parked in a residential neighborhood.

This year, Visalia residents can report illegal fireworks online.

LINK: Report illegal fireworks in Visalia

The city has received 120 reports over the last few days and issued eight citations.
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