The President and First Family steps off plane at Castle Airport and into history

ATWATER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Hours after the First Family landed, crowds of people were still coming to Castle Airport. They may have missed seeing President Obama, but the significance of this moment hangs in the air.

Most came by car but others on foot. Many at the pleading of the president's biggest fans.

"To see President Obama, we're really excited about it," said Elijah Lopez, Winton.

A massive crowd spent the better part of Friday peering through a small section of fencing-- Eyes open and cameras ready. Hoping to catch a look at the most powerful man in the free world.

"To think out of the whole country he lands here in this general area-- it's just amazing," said Matthew Willett, came to see President.

That moment finally came shortly before 7:00 p.m. Air force one landed and taxied. Finally, President Obama and his family stepped out.

For many of the people, it was their first glimpse at the First Family.

"We were expecting him to do his little wave at the top of the ladder, which he didn't do. But it's a very cool experience. And what I didn't come to California for, but I'm glad I did," said Vicky Olson, New Jersey.

"He's done really well in his administration. So even though this is his last months going out, just want to show our support," said Gloria Miller, came to see President.

The experience was more than just a photo op. We spoke to a local history teacher finding herself in the middle of history being made.

"This is a sitting president, and it's the 100th year of Yosemite, it's a current event," said Stephanie Ferreria, teaches social studies.

Also monumental-- the number of kids giving up a Friday night to look on. Taking in the moment, and maybe realizing their own potential someday.

"To see the president, he was once a little kid too, that's just aspiration and dreams," said Ferreria.

"I wanted really to come see the President because he was our first black president and he's a part of history,"said Lopez.

The number one question we've been getting is if can we get a glimpse of the President again. The answer is yes. He's expected to fly out of Castle Airport Sunday around 2:00 p.m.
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