Chief: Suspect in Clovis police shooting spoke on scanner, claimed he watched officers with cameras

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022
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The Clovis Police Department has identified 48-year-old Paul Morrison as the suspect who was shot by officers last week.

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Clovis Police Department has identified 48-year-old Paul Morrison as the suspect who was shot by officers last week.

Police say Morrison, who is still in the hospital, faces several felony charges, including attempted homicide.

Body camera footage shows two officers firing several shots as Morrison pointed a "ghost gun" toward officers.

Morrison was also in possession of a transmitter which he used to speak on the Clovis Police Department's radio system. He also claimed he was watching officers on his home's security cameras.

The incident began in the early morning of Tuesday, July 12 when dispatchers received a 911 call with what they believed was a disturbance in the background.

When police arrived, they determined no crime had occurred. Morrison and his fiancé had an argument and Morrison was moving out.

Later that day, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office's dispatch center received a 911 call from Morrison saying, "there is going to be a suicide tonight."

The Sheriff's office forwarded Morrison's call to Clovis police dispatch. Clovis police then emergency pinged Morrison's phone.

Morrison then told his fiancé that he was returning to his home to get his guns and told her that if police were there, there'd be a shootout. Police say Morrison had already taken a gun from the home before he left. Officers returned to the home and seized two guns.

Police say Morrison was using different cell phones to call police which made it hard to pinpoint Morrison's location .

By 10 p.m., the two officers fired a total of 30 rounds at Morrison. An officer with a year and a half of experience fired 11 rounds from a rifle and an officer with four and a half years of experience fired 19 rounds.

Officers waited eight minutes before approaching Morrison when they then handcuffed and provided medical attention until an ambulance arrived.

Two residences were struck by officers' gunfire and no one else was hurt.

Police are investigating all possible reasons for Morrison's behavior, with a strong focus on the possibility of a 'suicide by cop' attempt.

Morrison remains in the hospital. The two officers remain on administrative leave.

Officials say Morrison faces two counts of attempted murder among other charges.

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