Business and upcoming events helping attract more people to Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new world of possibilities is opening up for Downtown Fresno.

Desirae Washington, General Manager of Broadway Event Center, said, "We rolled up that back door and we walked into that awesome alley and I don't know-- it is a vision that came to Terrance and resonated with me."

That vision is the first ever Alley Wave Alley Party. Right now it's quiet and empty, but come this weekend it's going to be a different story as people fill that the alley for a party like no other.

Downtowns newest venue, the Broadway Event Center, is putting it all together. Featuring local food, drinks, and four different stages with live music and DJ's.

"You know you are in the alley partying because there is so much space, and I think now that this downtown revitalization is happening we are really starting to spread throughout this area thinking of using some new cool ways to use these buildings," said Washington.

It's doing more than just creating a new unique experience-- more importantly its attracting people downtown.

Downtown Fresno Partnership Interim CEO Craig Scharton said, "The parties in the alley, the Fresno Football Club, the parties in the restaurants or bars or coffee houses-- that's what we are really building on next."

Through these and other events, businesses will continue to transform downtown Washington said, "It is not the area that you remember form 10 or 20 years ago-- it has really been built up. It's beautiful, we have amazing art, music, and food down here and great drinks too."

You can catch the free Alley Wave Alley Party this Saturday from noon unitil1:00 a.m.
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