Serial stealing suspect stays in jail after CVS burglary caught on camera

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- One of the suspects in a string of large-scale retail thefts will stay in jail for at least one more week after her arrest last Friday.

Action News was first to report on arrests for the latest crime, which was caught on camera.

A bystander's video of suspects stealing liquor from a cabinet at a northwest Fresno pharmacy last Wednesday landed Schirrell Cummings and Reginald Taylor in jail on Friday and in court Tuesday, where they pleaded not guilty.

Cummings was also caught on camera stealing from Dick's Sporting Goods in 2020, according to police.

She's accused of almost nonstop thefts dating back to 2019.

In seven criminal complaints, she's charged with 30 felonies and eight misdemeanors, all related to stealing from stores.

The latest case includes the CVS burglary last week, and seven others dating back just five months.

Since December, she's accused of stealing from Victoria's Secret, JC Penney, Macy's, Dollar General, Kohl's, Walgreen's, and Orloff Jewelers.

Legal analyst Tony Capozzi says Cummings is a candidate to be held without bail given her alleged criminal history and the fact that she has skipped court on prior cases.

"It's clear that this defendant is a flight risk that's not going to show up for court," Capozzi said. "And it's also clear that this defendant is a danger to the community."

Police have arrested Cummings at least four times before. She got out of jail the same day or the next day every time.

But this time, she has stayed in custody for five days already and prosecutors added a robbery charge, which would usually keep her from being released for overcrowding or under the county's COVID zero bail policy.

Police say the Dollar General theft included a physical confrontation as the thieves left the store.

Prosecutors also asked a judge to hold Cummings and Taylor without bail pending trial.

And if he grants bail, they want him to force the defendants to prove the money they put up came from legitimate sources, not from any criminal enterprise.

For now, Cummings faces more than 18 years in prison if she's convicted on all charges.

Taylor could get about six years.

Capozzi thinks the district attorney's office could also refer the case to federal prosecutors since most of the victims are national retail chains.

"I can assure you the penalties in those type of cases are much more severe than they are in the state courts," he said.

Cummings and Taylor will be back in court next week for that hearing about their bail.
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