DeAndre Jean-Pierre sentenced to register as sex offender for life in Fresno State groping case

The court said time already served is sufficient and has suspended the remaining time depending on him completing three years probation.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Deandre Jean-Pierre was sentenced to, two concurrent, jail terms. He must also register as a sex offender for life in addition to serving three years' probation.

Former Fresno State mascot Deandre Jean-Pierre appeared in court on Thursday morning where his attorney's motion for a new trial was denied.

"We have an unjust verdict it's incorrect and no matter what this court says I'm entitled to my beliefs," said Franz Criego, defense attorney.

Tears were shed by friends and family in the courtroom as the judge read his sentence.

Jean-Pierre was sentenced to, two concurrent, 360-day jail terms, however, the judge credited time in custody served and suspended the remainder of time -- pending the successful completion of his probation. He'll also need to register as a sex offender for life.

The sentencing comes nearly one month after being found guilty on two of four counts of misdemeanor sexual battery.

"This case was always about the victims in the case they're the ones who came in and were brave enough to testify and it was always about them," said David Zimmerman, Deputy District Attorney.

Zimmerman says he's satisfied with the outcome.

"We're pleased with what they found what they heard with the so-called evidence which was not new evidence and with what the court had ruled."

Defense attorney Franz Criego showed the courtroom a new social media post that he says supports his client's alibi. Deandre Jean-Pierre said he was in Sacramento on the day of one of the four sexual batteries, he was accused of, then traveled to Stockton -- and came home very late that night. Too late, he says, to have committed the crimes.

The judge, however, did not feel the time stamp on the new photo was sufficient to enter as new evidence.

"No one knew that it existed until after my client was displayed on television being walked out if this courtroom," said Criego.

Jean-Pierre is scheduled to be released immediately and put on probation. He can appeal the ruling within 30 days.
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