Clovis Unified student learn emergency response techniques

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local high school students weren't just learning about the construction trade. They're also being schooled in emergency response.

A collaborative effort among rival Clovis Unified schools was teaching them how to "Stop the Bleed."

The lessons learned in class could someday save a life. Students in the Clovis East Patient Care Pathway stopped in to share their medical
knowledge with students in Clovis High's Construction Pathway.

"We need to make sure people are willing to step in and then know what to do to stabilize the person while emergency response arrives," said co- instructor, Kelly Eichmann.

It's important they learned how to stop the bleed. The situations the kids were learning about were the kind of injuries you might see on a construction site.

"Falls, falls from a ladder. Burns, including electrocution and chemical. Amputation, sadly. Fingers," said co-instructor, Jay Eichmann.

Jay and Kelly Eichmann are husband and wife teaching at different schools.

The kids might not be medical professionals but students like Clovis East senior Denise Principio were able to put into practice what she's learned.

"You check for bleeding or anything so attend to the bleeding first. Check her airway so lift her chin for airway," Principio told her group.

"We know in education the best way to know if you know something is to teach it," Eichmann added.

Students have found the peer to peer presentations can sometimes be more engaging than a class lecture.

"It's definitely more helpful having peers do it for you because then it's more relaxed environment and then you're able to understand the knowledge more," said Clovis High junior Steven Kerns.

The Eichmanns wanted their students to increase their emergency awareness, including what to think about if someone is impaled or has something stuck in their eye.

Jay Eichmann said the experience will benefit them in the future.

"What we've found in construction is that's one of the things they need them to know is these types of emergency responses," he said.
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