Parents rally to keep beloved Central Unified Superintendent

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You could hear the adoration oozing from the auditorium at Central Unified. For twenty minutes, parents and students gushed about Mark Sutton, trying to persuade his employers to let him stay.

Mark Sutton has led the district since 2015. As the end of his contract fast approaches in June, the board has not spoken publically about renewing his contract. Parents say they have to right to know where trustees stand.

Board President Cesar Granda reassured us they will honor Sutton's current contract and that the board is in negotiations in closed session. But that's all he would say.

He claims trustees cannot put anything on the agenda until an agreement is reached.

"It's all closed session, we can't discuss anything until we take action," Granada said.

Parents are not satisfied with that explanation.

"We're just wondering why this man who has been so exceptional is not given the opportunity to have his contract renewed or let us know why," Wendy Yribarren said.

Sutton has received positive evaluations all three years. Parents say losing him would be a detrimental blow.

His contract is set to end on June 30th.

The parents also presented recall papers to two board members they believe are not in support of the superintendent. They also warned other trustees the community will judge them based on their decisions during the elections in November.
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